So long, and thanks for all the ink

So, 25th March 2021 was my last day at Stinkyink.

It feels strange. I would have been there 10-years, initially as a Rails developer and later as CTO. But, I was ready. Ready to find a new drive.

I'm immensely proud of the work I've produced at Stinkyink. I've worked with some incredible people. We took a small e-commerce platform and grew it to one of the leaders of the sector. (It's often telling when the competitors copy your functionality, despite them having a much bigger team.)

I wish the team all the success; they deserve it. There is a reason we rank number 1 on Trustpilot. That's down to the people who work there.

As for my new venture? Zen Educate. Think of it like Purple Bricks or AirBnB, but for supply teacher recruitment.

One of my drives, post-Stinkyink, was to find something with a meaningful impact on society. What could be more impactful than getting rid of traditional recruiters? 😂

The interview process was long, but hopefully, that means only the best work there. I've met parts of the company already, and everyone I've met has been friendly and passionate. I'm excited to be part of that culture.

What sold me on this company was the variedness of the work. The other places I had interviewed at sounded like I would only be writing an API endpoint for the rest of eternity. Not something I wanted.

The CPO sold the job to me. It's a job I have some input on, a project to throw myself into. I would help with anything from coding to product development - my sort of role.

A week off before I start, but man, am I excited to begin this new adventure.